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Large 3-Wick Melon Shell with Fig & Vanilla Scent

Large 3-Wick Melon Shell with Fig & Vanilla Scent


This is  a one of a kind item - the shell that you see in the picture is the shell that you will receive if you buy this item. It is an art piece poured in our Chelmsford-based workshop and due to the nature of this item, it will not be repeated.


The wax is scented with Fig & Vanilla fragrance oil, sweet creamy vanilla with fruity, sun-ripened fig notes.


Melo is a genus of extremely large sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Volutidae, the volutes. Melon shells thrive in relatively shallow waters and prefer to inhabit muddy bottoms often around mangrove swamps. Their worldwide distribution is quite limited, however, the shells are collected as a food source by subsistence fishing communities from Burma to the Philippines.

Because of their huge ovate shells, these snails are often known as "bailers" (the shells were sometimes used for bailing out canoes) or "melons" (because the shell resembles that fruit).


This shell would look fantastic in any wax collection or as a stand out piece of home decor. If you choose to burn the candle, once emptied it can be refilled - please see our refill page for more details.


This candle weighs approximately 1046 grams and its dimensions are 16 cm wide x 22 cm long x 16 cm wide.

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